Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dream Diary / Journal

A Dream Journal/Diary is simply a notebook (or digital counter-part) that you keep a recording of all your dreams and Dream Signs, I myself use a standard school notebook (composition book) with 152 pages (I have many filled now) and I write all my dreams on the RIGHT hand side of the page; on the LEFT side of the page I leave blank for more information that might come to me later (you know when you remember a dream half-way through the day) or for drawing images or dream signs or other things I need to draw out or remember in detail.
there are many online dream journals that serve this purpose and I will list a few of the ones I find useful in the next post, but I usually use a hardcopy, not a digital one.
I layout my Dream Journal roughly like the mock-up I made below:

  • Date: Always put the date on the page so you can keep track of when you had a dream.
  • Zzz: is the short hand I use for The time I lie down to go to sleep this doesn't have to be exact, just a rough guess.
  • Alarm: If I set an alarm I write that time there if not I put none.
  • Below that on the right I put my dream.
  • On the left I draw images (badly) and write out dream signs, and anything else I notice or remember after I have written down my initial dream thought/feelings/memorys.
More to come...

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